As an avid Outdoorsman, I spend most of my time chasing giant whitetails and fishing New York Tributaries.  Over the last few years, my fascination with center pin fishing Lake Ontario and Finger Lakes tributaries has led to the creation of Death Roe.

I never really liked fishing with hard beads, but I also did not like the idea of keeping a hen for her eggs. Yeah, I know real eggs can be quite a deadly technique for salmon and steelhead. However, the more I fished, the more I realized how much of a pain real eggs could be.  Late nights of curing eggs and tying spawn sacks, worrying about having enough for the season.  Plus, half the time I would be unloading gear from the truck and realize the eggs I tied the night before were left in the refrigerator.  I made the switch to hard beads shortly after.

I had great success and loved all of the color options available to the consumer. I fish alot of high pressured areas here in New York and I would often end up spending more time fumbling around trying to change colors and tying knots in the cold than actually fishing.

One day while fishing Maxwell Creek, I spotted three or four fish in a small, deep hole. Ithrew every color and every size bead I could at them, along with the other 20 guys fishing that day. I was about to give up on that hole when I saw some real eggs on shore where someone landed a nice hen earlier. I decided to toss one of those and I was amazed at how quick they would commit to this egg.

I went back to my truck and figured there had to be something more natural with the buoyancy of a real egg.  After some quick research I found some soft eggs available from a fly company. I immediately ordered them, thinking to myself “these fish don't stand a chance.”  I waited in excitement for them to show up.

Upon arrival, it was easy to see that these eggs were made from a poor quality soft plastic. I poured a glass of water, threw an egg in and it floated like a bobber.  The excitement I once had was gone. I went out fishing the next day and although they did catch fish, by the end of the day all ten eggs were gone. The plastic was too soft and weak, some would even rip off when casting. I saw a huge opportunity to make something better.

I contacted a plastic manufacturer and described what I was looking for. After a few trials we came up with a durable soft plastic that has the same buoyancy as a naturally occurring egg. Next, I wanted the best color selection for every water condition you may encounter. We started the company with 15 standard colors in two sizes, as well as several patterns with glow infused plastic for those dark and dirty water conditions. Each bead we make is loaded with anise scent to mask humans odors and make the fish hold on longer.

After a lot of research, trials, and fine tuning, I can now say we have the strongest glowing soft egg on the market. It is a long lasting, bright glow that will get you more strikes on the water. Welcome to Death Roe! Soft. Scented. Deadly.