Fishing high stained waters

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Fishing High Stained Waters

After getting a week of sub zero temps and in all hopes of escaping for a few quick drifts at some local tribs, fishing depression kicked in. Last year this time it was nothing to do 5 plus fish a day! The cold temps affected majority of stream and creeks as they froze over to well over 3 inches thick, and resulting of tribs mouths to close up completely. Watching the forecast like a hawk we started to see some hope for warmer weather. The cold eventually tampered off and along came some warm weather to start the thaw process. I gave it 3 days of mild weather before I decided to hit a local creek…Is I pull up to one of the creeks I was either pumped to not see any cars, or bummed meaning that there are no fish just yet as I didn’t see any other anglers. Its very often that I am the only one fishing a creek when others doubt any activity. The water was very stained and flowing pretty fast. I went to a hole and fished the tail of the hole. The first drift rewarded me a nice steelhead . I was using a color called Barnes Bomber. A soft bead by Death Roe. I hooked into a few more at the tail and in no time, crickets …..I switched up the color and went with a small 1/4 size “UV” color and targeted the outside seams and edges of the shore and did a few more fish (like the picture above). I did 7 total fish in about 1 1/2 hours. I left the stream around noon and went back around 4pm to fish with my son and just in a matter of 4 hours the creek came up so much that it wasn’t event fishable. It's incredible how fast a creek can change their minds. The very next day I went back and the creek came back down with clear waters and did very well with 6 fish. I bought almost even amounts of browns and steelies.

Can’t catch fish sitting on the couch!!

You will never know what the fish are doing and how the conditions are unless you go out and see for your self. I talk with a lot of anglers who say the “tribs aren’t ready yet”, and very often, as long as I know there is water and low, there should be fish during certain times of the year. So go out and be pro active in finding some great fishing. This week the savvy fisherman is waiting out the snow storm and counting on the warm days ahead at the end of the week for a nice thaw and prime fishing once again.

Written by Marc Balistreri