Stink or not to Stink


One of the biggest debates we hear with our beads is about how they are scented. This seems like it has been a debate before what seems the beginning of time. There are many scents to consider when fishing and they can be specific to individual fish species. You can buy anything from garlic, craw fish, shrimp or even coffee. Personally, I really never paid much attention to any of the scents for fishing. All I ever thought is that they made all your gear smell like you left the coffee shop or you were trying to keep vampires away.

As an avid bow hunter I am probably one of the most scent conscious people you have ever seen. From scent free soaps, Ozonics and storage totes Being scent conscious has been a key to my success in the field. Most people look at me like I am crazy. When I put the amount of time that I do into controlling my scent, I have always tried to put the odds in my favor. It’s all about percentages to me. If I do 10 seemingly useless things 1% better, I feel I have a 10% or better chance than I did prior. So why didn’t I use scent or cover scent while fishing? To be honest with you it was straight laziness and I hated my gear spelling like crap all the time. Like for real who wants to go home smelling like dead crawfish.


Enough of the B.S. lets get to why I made Death Roe soft scented beads smell like anise. Studies have shown that both trout and salmon’s key in on scents both good and bad. They are able to pick up on the chemical signals by pumping water through their olfactory systems via tiny hairs called cilia. It’s a proven fact that fish can detect odors as low as parts per billion. This is one way that salmon can smell where they were born to come back and spawn.

Anise scent is a very powerful sweet scent that both trout and salmon species seem to like. They seem to like sweeter scents that mimic the taste of shrimp that taste is in their DNA, and derives back to their original origins eating shrimp and other crustaceans in the open ocean. Another big thing to circle back on is the cover up benefits that most people seem to miss. People don’t think about the gas station pump they touched on the way to go fishing or the grease on their hands from working on their vehicle from the night before. These scents are very unnatural to their habitat, unless you fishing Onondaga Lake here in NY. Not only does our scent help attract fish, it helps cover unnatural orders. The anise scent that we use is 100% pure anise oil, this stuff is very strong and one of the most expensive components in our product. We strongly believe this is one of those things that increase your percentages. The majority of your strikes will be visual strikes but the combination of the soft scented bead will make them hold on longer.